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We feature Oregon Health Insurance for Oregonians, by Oregonians.

Oregon Insurance Agency

Oregon Health Benefits is an Oregon Insurance agency with local roots. Our agents live in Oregon, and we treat our clients like good neighbors should. We take pride in being a local Oregon company. Helping Oregonians navigate an ever-changing insurance world while at the same time creating Oregon jobs is our founder's passion. When you choose Oregon Health Benefits as your agency, you can be certain that your agent represents every health insurance carrier in Oregon and will help you find the best choice out of all of your options. We have no horse in the race when it comes to choosing your health insurance and our job will be to find you the best plan and best rates. Our goal is to have a long-lasting relationship with our clients and provide service and options that are unbeatable.

Oregon Health Insurance

Oregon Health Benefits' founders bring over 100 years of industry experience in serving our clients. Over the course of our careers, we have been part of all the various types of insurance sales offices, from being independent agents to working for large insurance companies and agencies.

We saw firsthand the problems of those approaches. Independent agents don't have the product selection or access to information that the large agencies do, and in larger agencies, particularly the massive call centers that have sprung up recently, the turnover is so high that reaching the agent you worked with before is a near impossibility, and even if "your agent" is still there, that person is required to sell over a half dozen policies a day to keep their position, so they have no incentive to help you after the sale.

Oregon Health Benefits Privacy Policy

Oregon Health Benefits strictly follows HIPAA regulations. Any information submitted on our website or told to an agent is as confidential as a conversation with your doctor or attorney as per federal law. We understand the importance of properly handling, securing, and destroying personal data. We annually go through re-certification in HIPAA regulations and our site is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption. Our primary goal is to offer our clients a safe, secure, and confidential way to get good information and purchase insurance.

Every health insurance plan is completely different, even within the same companies options. Choices include choosing between a high or low deductible, selecting a co-insurance rate, and most importantly, making sure that your doctors are in the network and that the company you choose has a stable or growing network instead of the opposite. We sort through the options available and have long memories of which companies have consistently offered good service; and which ones add and drop network doctors and hospitals with the regularity of the seasons.

Using an agency is completely free and the rates are the same as if you had called an insurance company directly.

For answers to your questions and guidance in finding an affordable health plan that performs exactly as advertised, call us today and speak to an Oregon Health Benefits agent today.